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Taye McGee aka (Bestia)


Roshni (Taye) McGee, a Native of Richmond, has seamlessly woven his passion for cycling, community engagement, and entrepreneurship into a multi-faceted role that resonates far beyond the cycling sphere. As the Co-Founder, Co-Owner, and CEO of Rich City Rides Bike/Skate Cooperative Shop, Taye has established himself as a dynamic force at the crossroads of business and community development. His vision extends beyond the confines of his enterprises, as evidenced by his diverse array of founded ventures such as "RichCity" Clothing & Merchandise, RichCity Bicycles and More, "510_Athletes" cycling team, "510_Athletics" Athletic and Active wear, and "EVry1's BranD" Clothing and Footwear. These initiatives underscore his keen acumen for entrepreneurship and his ability to connect with a wide array of interests within his community.

Notably, Taye's involvement transcends the realm of commerce to encompass a profound commitment to the betterment of his community's youth. Reverently referred to as the "neighborhood father," he has wholeheartedly embraced a role of mentorship and guidance for the children within his locality. His innate ability to cultivate meaningful connections and impart valuable life lessons has solidified his status as a paternal figure for the youth, and his approach of combining mentorship with tangible pathways to success underscores his holistic approach to community development.

An embodiment of expertise in bicycle mechanics, McGee holds a certification that underscores his proficiency in various aspects of bicycle repair, alteration, replacement, customizations, and diagnostic evaluations. This credential not only speaks to his technical prowess but also to his unwavering dedication to providing comprehensive solutions to cyclists' needs. From routine maintenance to intricate repairs, Taye's mastery of his craft ensures that there is no cycling challenge too daunting for him to address. His capacity to troubleshoot, mend, and enhance bicycles resonates as a testament to his commitment to both the sport and the well-being of his community.

In essence, Roshni (Taye) McGee's narrative is one of multifaceted leadership, where entrepreneurship converges with community uplifting, and cycling expertise meets mentorship. His diverse ventures and altruistic endeavors intertwine to compose a legacy that is characterized not only by his acumen in business and cycling mechanics but by his profound impact on the lives he touches and the community he holds dear.

The children in the community are always on Taye’s mind. He cares deeply for them, and around the community he is known as the neighborhood father. Taye’s nature is to take all the kids under his wing and leave them with a lesson and a pathway to success.

Taye is Certified to Repair, Alter, Replace, Custom, Give Diagnoses, etc...... There's not a problem with your bike that he can't fix.

510Athletics23@gmail.com / 510-455-8558

Brian Barnes

Aka (Backwards Brian)

Native to California's "Bay Area,"

Brian Barnes Aka. (Backwards Brian) is

RichCity Bicycles and More:

  • Treasurer
  • Sales Floor Manager
  • National Youth Bike Council Member
  • Professional Bicyclist
  • 4 years Ocean Grown Bike Club member
  • 3 years Sponsored RichCity Athlete
  • 2 years RedBull Bay Area Hill Climb competitor
  • 1 year sponsored 510_Athletics

After three days of dedicated practice, Brian remarkably ascended the steep learning curve, achieving level after level, that belied the complexity of the feat itself. Such rapid proficiency attests not only to Brian's innate balance and coordination but also his indomitable determination and capacity for absorbing new physical skills.

The year 2019 witnessed Brian's continued metamorphosis as a reverse cycling virtuoso. The nascent skills acquired in the previous year's endeavors served as a foundation upon which he further built his repertoire. A true testament to his evolving mastery, Brian ventured beyond the realm of mere reverse cycling and seamlessly transitioned into executing mesmerizing wheelies in reverse motion. 

This accomplishment alone signifies a profound level of kinesthetic awareness and finesse, as maintaining equilibrium during a standard wheelie is already a formidable task, and doing so in reverse introduces an entirely new set of challenges.

However, Brian's accomplishments did not cease at reverse wheelies. In an impressive display of athleticism and audacity, he managed to elevate his craft by mastering the art of standing in reverse upright on his bicycle while moving forward motion. This extraordinary accomplishment not only underscores his exceptional balance and agility but also illustrates his capacity to synchronize both mind and body in harmony, achieving an equilibrium that defies conventional expectations.

In the annals of cycling history, Brian's exploits shall forever stand as a testament to human innovation and perseverance in the face of novel challenges. His journey from a novice reverse cyclist to a maestro of intricate maneuvers serves as an inspiration to those who dare to defy convention and explore uncharted territories within their chosen pursuits. As the cycling world progresses, Brian's legacy shall endure as a reminder that the boundaries of human achievement are only limited by one's willingness to embrace the unconventional and to strive relentlessly for excellence.

Contact: info@RcRBs.com or RichCityRidesBikeShop14@gmail.com

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